Political Science and Public Administration is a field of study analyzing political, administrative and economic processes and transformations occurring at national and international levels.  Political Science and Public Administration are in fact two inter-related and inter-acted major disciplines in the field of politics. The discipline of public administration, in its traditional structuring, studies government, regulation and policy-making and implementation of the state. On the other hand, the discipline of political science with a wider perspective than public administration focuses on power and authority, decision-making and redistribution processes emerging in a political system. In this context, the political system that is being analyzed would be a state, a political party, a local government, etc. Research topics of the discipline of political science would cover wide areas: political power, legitimacy, authority, political participation, democracy, political leadership, class relations, gender, and city.

The interaction between these two disciplines and their inter-disciplinary character recently led to the establishment of related higher education units in Turkey under the name of “Political Science and Public Administration” within faculties of Political Science or Economics and Administrative Sciences. The aim of ensuring accordance with international and foreign undergraduate and graduate education programs would be cited as another reason of such preference.

The dominant approach recognized in recent years is promoting cooperation between public-private sectors and civil society, while implementing public policies and conducting public services through such cooperation. In Turkey, this approach has been recognized and cases reflecting public-private-civil society cooperation have been increasing as well. Not only government agencies, but also private sector and non-governmental organizations would be thus referred as determining and implementing bodies of policy-making and implementation. According to this fact, our department aims to provide human resource with strong analytic skills and related knowledge who would work as experts, managers, administrators in private institutions and non-governmental organizations operating at national and/or international scopes, as well as in public bodies.

of Political Sciences established within higher education institutions in our country would be defined as units where education programs and scientific research covering various fields of social sciences are being conducted. These faculties, as higher education institutions, aim to train experts possessing vocational skills and knowledge related to social science disciplines such as sociology, political science, law, and economy. These experts take over duties within contemporary and universal standards, as an analyst, auditor or manager required in public and private sector institutions, as well as in international agencies. Additionally, scientific research on social, political, economic, and legal structure and processes both on a national and international scope are being conducted within these faculties that function equally as research agencies.